Balloon Sinuplasty

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is an innovative, minimally invasive technique ideal for treating sinusitis. A thin balloon is gently and precisely placed in the natural but narrowed sinus openings, dilated, and then removed. This reshapes the anatomy and restores proper drainage with no cutting and no removal of bone or tissue. Based on your preference and eligibility, this can be performed under local anesthesia with or without sedation. Balloon sinuplasty is less invasive than traditional sinus surgery and is proven to be safe and effective. In our office, in as little as 20 minutes, this innovative technique not only treats current sinus symptoms but also prevents future sinus issues. While Dr. Elangovan generally recommends this procedure for recurring and chronic sinusitis, patients may also find balloon sinuplasty relieves one or more of the following symptoms:

Balloon Sinuplasty in Chicago, IL

Why Balloon Sinuplasty?

  • Safer than traditional sinus surgery
  • Effective
  • Less pain
  • Quick recovery
  • Comfortable and convenient setting
  • Less expensive than traditional sinus surgery

What Can I Expect During my Balloon Sinuplasty?

Your comfort is critical and is accomplished with local anesthesia with or without sedation. Sedation is often implemented with an oral medication taken shortly before the procedure. Numbing medication is placed in the nose with a gentle nasal spray and a soft strip of cotton. Once the nose is adequately numb the cotton is removed. A thin specially designed camera is then used to gently place a thin balloon through the drainage pathway of the blocked sinus. Once ideal positioning is confirmed the balloon is dilated thus widening the previously blocked sinus. If necessary, any infected material or obstructed mucous can be washed from the sinuses at this time. The balloon is then deflated and removed. The procedure is then repeated in the other sinuses. Additional pieces of cotton with the decongestant and numbing medication are placed in the nose and removed in 10-15 minutes marking the end of the procedure.

What Can I Expect After my Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty is amazingly quick. Most patients can return to work the next day with only Tylenol or Advil as needed for pain. Strenuous exercise is avoided for 3 days. Limited post- procedural care with nasal rinses and nasal moisturization is needed to promote ideal healing.

How Effective is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon sinuplasty has excellent outcomes. Multiple clinical studies have shown balloon sinuplasty to be safe and effective. After the procedure most will notice significant improvement in their quality of life and decrease in the frequency and severity of their sinus symptoms. Often patients experience complete resolution of all their sinus issues including facial pain/pressure, nasal drainage, recurrent/chronic sinusitis, and headaches.

How Much Does Balloon Sinuplasty Cost?

Almost all insurances cover balloon sinuplasty with overall cost being significantly less than traditional sinus surgery. The cost of your balloon sinuplasty will vary depending on the individualized treatment plan recommended for you and your current health insurance coverage. To get a more accurate assessment of how much your balloon sinuplasty will cost, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with Dr. Elangovan. At Resolve ENT, we are also happy to offer financing that helps you more easily pay for your treatments at your convenience.


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