In this short video, a patient of Dr. Siva Elangovan, who underwent an in-office surgical procedure, describes his preoperative symptoms and experience at Resolve ENT.

As the patient describes, he had been having a lot of frustrating difficulties with nasal breathing for about two years, and it was impacting his day to day activities like working, sleeping and exercising.  The patient had gone to another ENT clinic in Chicago, which he felt did not do much for him.  After coming to Resolve ENT, the patient felt that the experience with Resolve was much better, as he found the environment welcoming and felt comfortable with us. 

As shown in the video, the patient refers to the surgical experience as overall pleasant and describes the recovery as relatively quick.

At the one-month follow-up, the patient describes sleeping better and feeling much better in the mornings, with a clearer-feeling nose. The patient expresses satisfaction with his decision to undergo the operation and says he “would definitely do it again.” 

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