Ear issues are extremely common. With hearing loss as the #1 ear disorder that receives the greatest attention, it is challenging for patients to find solutions for other ear symptoms such as ear pressure, ear pain and ear infections.

What causes ear pressure and recurrent ear infections?

The most common cause of ear pressure and recurrent infections is dysfunction of the eustachian tube. The eustachian tube is a long, narrow tube connecting the space behind the ear drum with the back of the nose. Its central purpose is to equalize the pressure behind the ear drum to that of the surrounding environment. Dysfunction of the tube can be caused by allergies, nasal issues, viral or bacterial infection. It can also be due to simply just being born with too narrow of an eustachian tube.

A sense of ear pressure and fullness can in many cases also arise from disruption within the jaw joint, which lies immediately in front of the ear.

How do we diagnose ear disorders at Resolve ENT?

After a thorough discussion of your symptoms, we examine the ear under magnification, test the pressure and hearing. If needed, we take a close look at the inside nose with nasal endoscopy to ensure nothing is blocking the normal function of the eustachian tube.

What treatments are available for ear pressure and recurrent infection at Resolve ENT?

Before any treatment plan is recommended, we identify the root cause of the ear dysfunction. Under the right circumstances a minimally invasive technique called eustachian tube dilation can offer long-lasting resolution with minimal discomfort and recovery time. Unlike ear tubes, where a tiny tube is placed through a small incision in the ear drum, eustachian tube dilation results in a more permanent solution while leaving the ear drum intact.


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