As a board-certified otolaryngologist or ENT doctor, my passion is helping to resolve nasal and sinus issues for my patients. The ideal type of patient I would love to meet and help care for can be divided into two categories: The first kind is a person who is aware of their nasal obstruction and has difficulty breathing through their nose during their various activities of daily living. These activities can include exercise or more commonly, when going to bed at night. They may find themselves breathing in through their mouth, which is not how we are designed and built to be breathing. There are so many studies that show how important it is to be able to breathe well through our nose. It impacts not only how good our bodies feel, but also our long-term health, in terms of things like obstructive sleep apnea, where we have increased risks on our heart and lungs. One can make big leaps in terms of how they do in terms of their long-term health by addressing these things in the nose. The other type of patients are those who may not even realize that they have any kind of issues in terms of nasal obstruction, because understandably, they went through the majority of their lives breathing the way they do, and that’s just the way they know it to be. With just a few minor adjustments, and even medications many times, we can get them breathing wonderfully through their nose. This can make daily, impactful, meaningful change, and make them feel more energized and more like themselves. There are also those folks who suffer from chronic or recurrent headaches, and have no good reason or treatment that they’ve found to help address those. When we boil it down for many of these folks, it’s just how they breathe through their nose that can so largely affect how they feel, including their headaches. Here at Resolve ENT, one of the things that I love to be able to do is show folks these minimally-invasive techniques that, by doing one or two simple things here in the office, that is specially-designed for these types of treatments, we can get them on the road to living a more wholesome, healthier life, with minimal interruption in their daily routines — just a few days over the weekend to recover, and lower risks and lower overall costs. But that’s just a little bit about us. Please follow us and contact us if you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to have some input from us on. Thanks.