Comprehensive, individualized
breathing, snoring, and sinus care

“Beautiful office and everyone was very nice!! Dr. Elangovan was very thorough and a great listener— I appreciated his approach on treatment and am glad I found the office!!”

Marie Huguelet

“Always a positive, friendly and knowledgeable experience. Dr. Elangovan is patient and makes you feel at ease.”

Sandi Robinson

“Very positive experience with Dr. Elangovan and the people at Resolve ENT. I was impressed by how responsive Dr. Elangovan and the team were, both pre and post-op. Quickly getting answers to questions that arose during the recovery process was crucial.”

Danny Briggs


What Makes Us Different?


First of its kind

Specifically designed to offer what other clinics cannot: the safest, most advanced in-office ENT solutions under one roof—without ever setting foot in a hospital or surgical center.  


Excelling in every measure

Our innovative, in-office solutions provide superior results compared to traditional ENT surgeries. Our procedures are safer, have less discomfort with shorter recovery time while costing significantly less. Most procedures are short, typically under 45 minutes, with most patients able to return to work the next day and resuming full activity within three days instead of 1-2 weeks, as is typical with traditional procedures.


Focused on You

Unparalleled attention to your specific needs through the direct, personalized attention from Dr. Elangovan throughout your care.

ENT Surgeon in Chicago, IL


Dr. Siva Elangovan is a board-certified ENT surgeon who trained at the University of Iowa, universally recognized as one of the country’s foremost programs.

An innovator in the field of otolaryngology, Dr. Elangovan designs advanced and personalized solutions that give his patients lasting relief. His practice philosophy maximizes symptom relief while minimizing pain, risks, recovery time, and patient cost.

Patient, gentle, and curious by nature and training, Dr. Elangovan is passionate about fully resolving his patients’ sinus, nasal, allergy, and sleep disorders through careful, step-by-step approaches to ultimately restore each patient’s quality of life.

Symptoms in Chicago, IL
Symptoms in Chicago, IL