Nasal Swell Body Reduction

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What is Nasal Swell Body Reduction?

Nasal Swell Bodies are outpouchings of skin on the nasal septum.  They play a critical part in regulating airflow through the internal nasal valve.  They are covered in mucous membranes which often get swollen or enlarged due to allergies, infection, exposure to irritants, head position, or congenitally.   NSB reduction is a minimally invasive procedure that dramatically reduces the bulk of the nasal swell bodies allowing for better airflow and decreased sense of congestion.

While Dr. Elangovan generally recommends this procedure for nasal obstruction and congestion, patients may also find balloon sinuplasty relieves one or more of the following symptoms:

Why NSB Reduction:

  • Significantly improves nasal breathing
  • Reduces snoring
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Alleviates nasal pressure/congestion
  • Improves Sense of Smell
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+What Can I Expect After my Nasal Swell Body Reduction Procedure?
+How Effective is NSB Reduction?
+How Much Does Nasal Swell Body Reduction Cost?
+Am I a Good Candidate For Nasal Swell Body Reduction?

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