About Resolve

At Resolve ENT we recognize the issues that trouble our patients can be complex and traditional care is often incomplete. Whether patients suffer from facial pain, breathing, sinus or sleep issues, we leave no stone unturned until we fully resolve your condition.  

Our Philosophy

Every patient is unique. We tailor innovative solutions for each individual. 

Every patient has a unique set of issues, concerns and comfort levels in how to address their condition. Many patients come to us after having their condition or concerns left unrecognized, unaddressed or inadequately resolved. Sometimes, they’ve considered or had treatments that seem worse than the actual issue and other times, they simply did not know all of their options that could help them. At Resolve ENT, we break these barriers to provide lasting relief so that patients can live their best lives. We achieve resolution through meticulous, personalized attention and our unique ability to offer the widest array of treatment options, tailored for each individual patient.

Why Resolve ENT?

  • Only clinic offering cutting-edge ENT treatment in one comprehensive, state-of-the-art facility that is unparalleled in the Greater Chicago Area.
  • Complete solutions that are safer, less painful, with decreased recovery time and reduced cost compared to other clinics – all without ever setting foot in a hospital.
  • Dr. Siva Elangovan provides direct, personalized attention throughout your care.
  • Our safety-first procedures are generally short and patients usually can return to work the next day and resume full activity within three days.
  • We leave “no stone unturned” until we find a lasting solution to your condition.

Led by Dr. Siva Elangovan, the medical professionals at Resolve ENT are proud to offer high-quality, comprehensive care to patients located in Lakeview, Roscoe Village, Lincoln Park, Uptown, Lincoln Square and the surrounding communities such as Evanston, Oak Park, and Des Plaines of Chicago, Illinois. Contact us to schedule your private consultation with our expert medical team and start your journey with us today.

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