As this featured patient describes, he had been having issues with the nasal passages, which were affecting his sleep. He was experiencing dryness and “closing off” due to a deviated septum, and was hoping that an in-office procedure at Resolve ENT, including reduction of the turbinates, could help improve his breathing issues and reduce his discomfort. The patient describes the pre-op. patient care he received at Resolve ENT as “probably the best patient care” he had had for procedures like this. He also describes how Dr. Elangovan helped him visualize the issues he would be working on while guiding him through the recommended plan. Post-surgically, the patient describes the experience as more pleasant than he had expected, and expressed being very satisfied with how his care as Resolve ENT had been going. At his one-month follow-up appointment, the patient explains how he has not been experiencing any issues with post-nasal drip, is experiencing significantly better nasal breathing and waking up with a clearer-feeling nose.

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