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Better Sleep With ENT Care

One topic that I’d like to discuss that is not only very important not only to my field, but me personally, just because I have felt the significant difference that being able to breathe well through the nose can make in my everyday life, is talking about just the general benefits of being able to breathe well through your nose.  Now, we...

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What is cupping therapy and what are its benefits?

People will often find their way to Chinese medicine through an interest in cupping.  It’s true, cupping has become popularized in recent years. Cupping is a technique that is somewhat of a massage, but in reverse. So what cupping does is actually lift the skin and the musculature underneath, so that nerves underneath have more to traverse.  So...

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Dr. Elangovan’s patient describes his experience at Resolve ENT

In this short video, a patient of Dr. Siva Elangovan, who underwent an in-office surgical procedure, describes his preoperative symptoms and experience at Resolve ENT. As the patient describes, he had been having a lot of frustrating difficulties with nasal breathing for about two years, and it was impacting his day to day activities like...

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Who stands to benefit most from acupuncture and Chinese medicine?

One thing that has consistently aroused great curiosity in me is the impact of the mind when it comes to clinical outcomes. It never ceases to amaze me how patients who come through the door with a plan, and a positive mindset, experience superior clinical outcomes. One of the things that I emphasize strongly is patient education. It is highly...

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How can one benefit from seeing an otolaryngologist or ENT doctor?

As a board-certified otolaryngologist or ENT doctor, my passion is helping to resolve nasal and sinus issues for my patients. The ideal type of patient I would love to meet and help care for can be divided into two categories: The first kind is a person who is aware of their nasal obstruction and has difficulty breathing through their nose during...

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