Mouth Breathing

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What is Mouth Breathing?

Mouth breathing is a common problem that we see with patients who have issues with congestion and/or nasal blockages. Our patients may not often realize they breathe through their mouths until they find themselves with dry mouth and bad breath, or having their sleep disrupted throughout the night by snoring or hoarseness. While there are some advantages to breathing through the mouth, breathing through the nose warms up cold air to body temperature before hitting the lungs and filters the air of small particles including pollen, giving yourself a more pleasant and efficient breathing experience. Patients who experience mouth breathing may also struggle with:

What Causes Mouth Breathing?

Patients tend to breathe through their mouths instead of their noses when they find they can’t take enough air in through their nasal passages. This is often caused by some sort of blockage in the nose. Nasal blockages can be caused by nasal congestion, a deviated septum, benign growths in the lining of the nose, or your natural nose shape. Other common causes of mouth breathing include high amounts of stress and anxiety, chronic sinus infections, and asthma. Each of these conditions may cause shallow, rapid, or abnormal breathing.

What are the Dangers of Mouth Breathing?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many serious implications that come with mouth breathing rather than breathing through the nose. Patients who tend to breathe through the mouth also have higher risks of having chronic bad breath (halitosis), throat infections, and ear infections. Children who breathe through their mouths often show developmental issues throughout their maturity including having narrow mouths, dental issues, poor postures, and sleep disorders. In addition, studies have shown long-term mouth breathing may also lead to decreased lung function, which can worsen asthma over time.

What Treatments are Available for Mouth Breathing?

How Much Does Treatment for Mouth Breathing Cost?

The cost of your mouth breathing treatment will vary depending on the individualized treatment plan recommended for you and your current health insurance coverage. To get a more accurate assessment of how much your mouth breathing treatment will cost, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with Dr. Elangovan. At Resolve ENT, we are also happy to offer financing that helps you more easily pay for your treatments at your convenience.


To get a better idea of which treatment option will best treat your mouth breathing, we encourage you to come in for a private consultation with Dr. Elangovan. He’ll be happy to sit down with you, listen to your concerns, evaluate your condition, and develop a fully personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals.

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